Renewable energy is not just a fad, as it might seem. Nowadays, it is a necessity, which, in addition to reducing emissions, will also bring you significant savings in your costs and a certain form of self-sufficiency in today’s turbulent times.

Our services are end-to-end, i.e. you don’t have to worry about anything, Cpower will provide solution design, project documentation, technology delivery including installation, service and financing. We will ensure the realization of the PV plant at our expense, you will then pay only for the electricity, under pre-agreed conditions.


  • Long term transparent electricity prices
  • No initial investment
  • Off balance sheet item
  • Focus on Core business
  • Improving the position within the EU ESG taxonomy
  • Cheaper financing & reduced working capital needs

Are you a company with an annual consumption of more than 300 MWh? Are you interested in the implementation of FVE for your company for free and without worries? Are you worried about rising electricity bills or just need to reduce your carbon footprint as part of an ESG campaign?

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Are you interested in the implementation of PV for your company free of charge and without any worries?